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"Serving up mind-challenging games and puzzles since 1996!"

University of Florida's Michael DupeeOver the years, MindFunTM creator and University of Florida grad Michael Dupee has created dozens of mentally stimulating and challenging games. Here is a brief explanation of the top games. Keep coming back, more are added all the time!

Word ScrambleTM What do you get when you mix the best features of Scrabble, Boggle and Word Webs together? Word Scramble on MindFun.com! Try to form the most words, of the highest value, on a grid and then compare your score against all those who played that hour. Can you make the top twenty? Chat while you play with a great bunch of loquacious logophiles!
Cerebral VortexTM Chat while you compete against other players in this blazingly fast trivia free-for-all. 25,000 questions in hundreds of categories, just type your answer in the chat bar. Be careful, your answer has to fit the pattern to score. The first to 50 wins! Play again and again, the questions are random each time. Warning, you will be sucked into the Vortex....

UPDATED 12/12/2012 - To fix quick answer bug and playerlist bug

Build-a-WordTM Put together five to 13 letter words that have been broken apart into 2,3 or 4 letter fragments which have then been scrambled. Start out with only three words to build in 60 seconds, but each round the number of words to build increases by one. How far can you go?
CryptologyTM Break the code in this classic cryptogram game to reveal the humorous or inspiring quotation. Play again and again, we have over 2,100 quotes to play.
Quick QuizTM The first game put on MindFun.com in 1998, Quick Quiz is a challenging trivia quiz in three flavors where only those who get 5 out of 5 on their quiz are allowed to post a message to the Glory Wall. Enjoy top-quality trivia from Jeopardy champ Mike Dupée while chatting with a friendly group of Internet buddies!

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